Laptop: ASUS U and UX Series with AI Light sensor technology


Today ASUS has announced the new U and UX Series, a new range of superb laptops, made with elegance. The U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets, bringing delight to the users’ senses and allowing them to work or play in style.

ASUS U Series comes with 15.6-inch LED backlight display, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 512MB of dedicated NVIDIA GeForce G105M, 500GB of harddisk and SRS true surround sound.

ASUS UX Series has slim profile adds with beautiful laptop design. One of interesting features of UX Series is a slot-in optical disc drive. This laptop will looks so sophisticated.

The ASUS U and UX Series AI Light sensor technology intelligently detects the surrounding environmental lighting conditions and then automatically adjusts the brightness or dimness of the LED backlit display to provide a comfortable computing experience even in adverse lighting conditions. These features can be found adorning a softly contoured chassis, shrouded in a sleek and sophisticated glossy LCD lid and supported by a frame inspired by the curvature of a butterfly’s wings.

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