Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet Watch

Ladies who are into gadgets and technology are really cool. That’s why I’ve chosen this gadget to be featured in my site because for sure ladies will love this fashion accessory. I’ve observed that most ladies when receiving an incoming call are having difficulties finding their phone on their bags because of too many fashion stuff and sometimes they can’t hear their phones ringing at all. Also It seems that Bluetooth headset are not their type, but for those sporty women they wear it comfortably and can use it on its fullest.

Now with the help of  Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet Watch that features caller ID and vibrates whenever your phone receives a call (Bluetooth distance up to 20meters from your phone), they can easily see if who’s calling, so instead of having to struggle opening your bag in a busy area, you can instantly tell if the call is important or not. You can also reject calls from the bracelet itself by pressing the B button three times. Another great feature of this bracelet is that it also serves as a digital watch. This beautiful and stylish bracelet gives ladies the perfect solution to have a cool fashion accessory and a awesome gadget at the same time.

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