L G G Watch R Gets Wi-Fi Support OTA Update


I have a good news for LG G Watch R smartwatch users because the company has already released the said update to enable Wi-Fi support for the specific wearable gadget. I’ve posted this hardware related news here in my blog a few months ago, where I’ve mentioned the engineers are working on a patch/update for the said smartwatch to enable such connectivity and it turns out LG was really serious about it and now it’s ready to be installed on your smartwatch.

I’m not sure how the version 1.3 Android wear update will enable the Wi-Fi on the smartwatch because if I’m not mistaken the watch by default doesn’t have the necessary hardware to connect on a network wirelessly aside from its Bluetooth connectivity or maybe it does have the hardware but only lacks of driver support according to one of the sources I’ve read online.

As of now, the news was already confirmed and the LG G Watch R can now communicated with your smartphone using Wi-Fi without the need of Bluetooth pairing as long as the devices are connected in the internet. The Android Wear OTA update is expected to roll out worldwide on the next few weeks.

In addition, the patch will also enable interactive watch faces and improve the Google Translate feature. Interactive watch faces will pimp your smartwatch as you will able to access some advanced features by just tapping on the screen such as changing themes, starting an installed application and displaying detailed info on the screen like fitness data from calories burned to steps taken, and etc. sounds cool, isn’t it?

Let me know if you have already receive and installed the update on your smartwatch and share your experience, problems encountered, noticed improvements here in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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