Kyocera to Bring Sapphire Shield Displays to Future Smartphones

It seems like smartphone users are very much familiar with the Corning Gorilla glass that is used in the majority of smartphone available today, only few are familiar with the Dragontrail glass. Now what I’m going to share here in my tech blog is the latest of them all called Sapphire Shield Display from Kyocera. For Apple fans I know you have heard already that the new iPhone 6 is said to come with a sapphire display and the latest news about the company, Kyocera that they are going to use this display technology to future smartphones including android devices.


As a material, sapphire is known for its toughness, only beaten by diamond in the natural world. Kyocera is producing sapphire crystal display coverings in smartphone sizes and testing them up against traditional impact-resistant glass found in current smartphones. I doubt that this sapphire glass will also implemented on budget friendly smartphone as the production of this kind of technology is really expensive so expect this kind of display to be use on premium devices.

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