Just sharing my gaming rig: “Project Kurama”

For the past few weeks, I haven’t updated my tech blog because I was very busy for the preparation of our very first local Rig Battle event. When I was in college, my dream was to be able to participate on such events like rig show, LAN party but sad to say I was not able to do that because I was very busy on my studies and I’m very focus on my online work as an SEO consultant. To cut the story short, here is my gaming rig named Project Kurama (name of kyuubi in anime Naruto) because of its black and orange combination. I’m very proud to share this rig as this is the result of my hardwork and determination and all of that has been paid off when I got the 3rd place in our said event.


Technical Specs

  • Name of Rig – Project “Kurama”
  • CPU – Intel Core i5 3570k
  • CPU Cooler – Corsair H100i Water Cooling
  • MotherBoard – Gigabyte Z77x-UP7
  • Memory – Avexir Core Series 4GB x 2 1600MHz
  • Graphics Card – XFX R7970 Double Dissipation
  • Storage
  • – 120GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
  • – Western Digital 500GB Blue
  • – Western Digital 2TB Green
  • Casing – Cougar Challenger Orange
  • Power Supply – Cougar CMX 700w PSU
  • Accessories
  • – NZXT Sentry 2
  • – NZXT Hue
  • – Corsair SP120 Fans x 4
  • – Corsair AF120 Fans x 2
  • – FTW Orange/Black 24pin and 8+2 pins (x 2)

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