John Phone “World’s Simplest Cell Phone”

There are many people who are not contented on the phone they are using, once they have seen a new released of their favorite mobile manufacturer they can’t refuse not to buy that handset. On the other hand, some mobile users who are contented already with their unit said “as long as they can call and text with their phone, it’s okay”.  That’s why a Dutch ad agency named John Doe has launched “the world’s simplest cell phone” dubbed as John Phone. It’s simple because it has no any connectivity available like internet, GPS, Bluetooth, infrared, nor Wi-Fi. You can’t also install applications or software and most especially you could not text! Only calls are allowed and that’s it.

John Phone was wrapped by white color, and it weighs 95 grams. It only contains numbers and buttons to perform phone calls and its standby time can last three weeks, enough memory to store 10 numbers on speed dial and, crucially, the ability to “make and receive calls anywhere in the world.” John’s Phone can be purchased for only 79.95 Euros, and it’s available in five different colors.

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