Jaasta E-Ink Keyboard



Last month I’ve featured Textblade Magnetic Keyboard, a unique multi-touch keyboard that uses Bluetooth connectivity, and can be easily disassemble as its main components are connected using magnets. Today, I’m going to feature a new keyboard design that used E-ink technology in each of its keys, dubbed as Jaasta E-Ink Wireless Keyboard.

To understand more about E-Ink technology, it is a new display technology that is always on and only use a very minimal power compared to other screens. That is the reason why devices that used this kind of display will likely to last hundred of hours, similar to the newest E-ink smartphone YotaPhone 2.

This latest keyboard enable users to change the characters displayed including the language and can easily adjust on the software you are using e.g., Photoshop applications and its corresponding shortcut keys. You don’t need to remember all the key combinations for every shortcut for you to execute as the Jaasta E-Ink keyboard will do this for you.

The Jaasta keyboard also features a 3.7-inch multi-touch touchpad for on-screen navigation and media hot-keys, such as play, mute and volume control. These hot-keys are configurable so you can set any output that you want. There’s also a voice-activated virtual assistant that can be used to save, delete, send and search for files.

In addition to its E-Ink Technology, the keyboard also utilized wireless technology and can be used up to 10meters to the connecting device or gadget. The Jaasta keyboard is powered by a battery that can lasts up to 12 months of continuous usage and it only measures 391 x 150 mm (15.4 x 5.9 in).

This latest keyboard technology will soon be available for preorder via crowdfunding campaign which is expected in the following months. The manufacture thinks it will sell for about $300 once it is in production because each keys has a little E-ink screen underneath.

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