iStubz’s Mini USB 2.0 cable




As technology rapidly changes, USB cables also changes. What do i mean cable also change?  Old usb cables are too long isn’t. That’s why Cablejive has introduced iStubz, a mini dock attachment cable for Apple. This latest device comes in two size of 7 cm(2.8 inches) and 22 cms(8.7 inches), this device can be used to charge Apple’s ipod/iPhone for Mac and PC systems.  These cables can be one neat quick fix for the scramble of wired adaptors and USB devices. Simplify your desk and life with these short USB to iPod docking station connector cables. Connects your iPhone or iPod to USB on your Mac or Windows PC to charge and sync. Comes in black or white, in 7cm or 22cm lengths.

Occupies minor space yet its charging and syncing calibre is equivalent to Apple’s $19 dock connector cable. The wire being so short in length bails you out from the hodgepodge of wires and also makes it almost effortless to carry in your laptop bag or travel pouch. Well suited for in- car ipod/iphone users and the rest, it is an unambiguous way to bestow charging and syncing the gadgets with finesse. Accessible in primitive black and white colours, it can cost you $8(7 cm) and $9(22 cm).

These USB 2.0 cables can be used in many situations:

  • Connect your iPod directly to your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Connect an Apple dock to your Mac or Windows PC, charge and sync your iPod or iPhone as it rests in the cradle.
  • Charge your iPhone using a wall or automobile charge adapter.

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