Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Processor 2.83GHz


Clocked at 2.83 GHz, the Q9550 is the second most powerful after the Q9650 in the Core 2 Quad family. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 made it to the top by defeating AMD’s most powerful quad-core processor, the Phenom X4 955, by a small margin on the time it was released. It scored higher in most 3D benchmark tests except the audio and video encoding tests. Since both Core 2 Quad Q9550 and Phenom II X4 955 are priced almost the same, still the Q9550 is the better choice. Not because I’m a great fan of Intel processors that’s why I’ve chosen this one, but because of it’s performance and features. Still don’t underestimate AMD’s Phenom II X4 995, because it has features to unlocked multiplier which makes overclocking a breeze. However, the Q9550 can be overclocked much higher (more than 1 GHz) by increasing the FSB.


CPU Type: Desktop
Processor Class: Core 2 Quad
Processor Interface: Socket 775
Cores: Quad
L2 Cache: 12MB
Bus Speed: 1333MHz
Processor Speed: Q9650 / 3.00GHz
Wattage: 95W
Additional Technologies: MMX
Intel® EM64T
Enhanced Intel Speedstep
Execute Disable Bit
Intel® Virtualization
Intel® Thermal Monitor 2
Instruction Set: SSE
Unlocked Multiplier: No
Fan: Included

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