Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake Processors Unveiled!


Intel has announced its latest generation of processors, the 6th Generation Core i7-6700K and the Core i5-6600K from Skylake architecture.

These new CPUs were recently announced at Gamescom in Germany, which is expected to be revealed by most of the tech and geeks on the upcoming event this August. These processors need 1151 CPU socket motherboard to work so you might want to start hunting for the perfect 6th generation Intel motherboard right now before you buy one of these beasts.

The Core i5-6600K has unlock multiplier and comes with a base clock of 3.5GHz, and a relatively faster 4.0GHz for the Core i7-6700K. Both processors are quad-core and are specifically designed for gaming according to the latest news.

The Core i5 6th gen will be priced at $243 and $350 for the Core i7 Skylake processor. These processors are for desktop use only as Intel has promised a 6th generation “K” SKU for gaming notebooks and laptops which is expected to roll out this year as well.

By looking at the price, it seems that these latest Intel CPUs are really reasonable and I think are affordable compared to the previous generation of processors released by Intel. Meaning to say, you can save a few bucks to buy the latest DDR4 memories that you can use together with the 1151 motherboard for this processors.

Thanks for your time reading this tech news and I’ll keep you posted regarding the latest and upcoming processors of Intel once I’ve found new information.

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