iMakr Cubicon Single 3D Printer


iMakr has unveiled its latest addition to its 3D printing technology called Cubicon Single 3D Printer that has been created by HyVISION. For your information, iMakr is one of the independent reseller of desktop 3D printer and 3D printed related products. As of today, the company has two physical 3D printing stores, the one is in New York and another physical store in London with several online 3D printing services being offered worldwide.

This printer was described as a 3D printer “that just prints”… iMakr is one of the leading 3D printing companies worldwide and its Cubicon is one of the best 3D printer equipped with a complex auto calibration system, enabling the 3D printing bed to be automatically leveled.

David Choi, CEO of HyVISION explains :

“It’s great to have a company like iMakr help us bring the Cubicon to a western market,”-“We believe we have an amazing machine to show to the world, and are excited what kind of response we get. We anticipate the Cubicon being in an office space near you soon!”

Romain Kidd, CEO of iMakr Group, commented :

“We are thrilled to be bringing the Cubicon Single to the world,”-“We truly believe this is a revolutionary machine and cannot wait to have it in the hands of consumers across the world.”

3D printer cost is really expensive, especially the large 3D printer and you need a huge capital if you want to have one or start a 3D printing business. As the competition grows for this particular market, you can expect to see a sudden drop on prices of 3D machines and that is the best time to purchase one.

Here in Techie-Pinoy you will find different 3D printer models with unique features announced all over the world. I will also try to give you the latest 3D printing news and feature affordable 3D printers that are yet powerful enough to perform the task that needs to be done.

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