IDAFT’s Latest Charger: i4 Universal Charger


IDAFT, one of the leading mobile technology companies in Spain has rolled out its new technology, the new i4 universal charger. This latest technology is a portable charging system that charges different kinds of mobile and portable gadgets and can charge up to four of them simultaneously. IDAFT i4 is compatible for about 4000 mobile devices like cellphones, iPod, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3, GPS systems, digital cameras, Bluetooth products, and other digital media player. Furthermore, this latest charging system technology features an interchangeable tip system making it completely customizable. It was designed with three charging stations and an additional USB charging point that allows users to charge their electronic gadgets without the jumble of tangled cords or the need in having more than one outlet.

Although its concept is similar to other universal charger, IDAFT i4 has a feature that makes it stand apart from any other brand is the addition of a charging port for the Sony PlayStation 3 controller. In addition, the i4 also supports a LED light indicator that indicates you when things are already charged up and ready to go, and a switch button to shut down the entire charging operation. This latest technology will be available in the market this coming May for $59.99. It has two colors to choose from,black or white.

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