HP’s newest Sprout Desktop 3D Scanner comes with 3D Capture Stage


HP has announced a software update to its Sprout Desktop 3D scanner. This latest all-in-one desktop and 3D scanning device is powered by Intel Core i7-4790S processor paired with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745A graphics card, 2GB DDR3 and 8GB DDR3L.

HP’s Sprout core features include 3D scanning capability using new proprietary 3D Capture Stage that is user-friendly, Intel Real Sense 3D cameras with depth-sensing technology, top-down projector for Structured Light 3D scanning and 3D capture software.

With the newest software update and 3D capture stage that connects via USB 3.0 interface, HP’s Sprout can scan objects up to 7.5 inches tall and weighing up to 4.4 pounds and expect improved 3D scanning and scan quality with a tilted platform, automated repositioning, and support for 3D printing.

Sprout is now available to purchase with a retail price of £1,899 inc VAT. If you just want to buy the HP 3D Capture Stage, you need to wait until July and it will be available through HP and other selected retailers for $299.

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful 3D printer, you might want to check this fully customizable 3D printer called Lewihe Play which is sold for only $77! There are lots of available 3D printer and scanners now in the market, you just need to do your homework and research for the one that is capable of doing your project efficiently and at the same time will fit into your budget.

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