HP has unleashed its latest high tech PDA, the HP iPAQ 114. This latest device isn’t just an ordinary cell phone, smartphone, gadget, and PDA. It has a transreflective 3.5 inches display, which means that using it outside in bright sunshine isn’t a problem and it’s light sensor will brighten the screen if you enter a dimly lit area. Other features include Wireless Connection Manager, which helps you extend your battery life by checking your connections, stylish personal organizer, easy to keep your calendar, contacts, and tasks with you and up to date, Microsoft® Office Mobile includes Word Mobile, Excel® Mobile and PowerPoint® Mobile, and many more.

HP iPAQ 114 PDA is powered by a HP’s 624 MHz CPU which makes it run multiple applications faster. It also has plenty of memory, including 31MB of free system memory and 196MB of storage space. You can store your data on its 2GB SD card. It has an integrated Wi-Fi, so  you can access to the internet and email whenever and wherever you like; at home or in the office, or even in a cafe. If there’s no Wi-Fi on your place, its not a problem. You can also connect to the internet via Bluetooth. You can also watch movies or listen to music with Windows Media Player, share photos with HP Photosmart Mobile, or play the latest games to keep yourself entertained.

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