HP Digital Sketch And Pocket Whiteboard

HP has introduced its latest HP Digital Learning Suite which is intended for Teachers and Students out there. These latest interactive tools helps the schools look for easiest way or solutions on how make students achieve success in their education. These latest technology also aims to improve the education system by encouraging the students to  interact, cooperate, collaborate, and boost their capabilities inside the four corners of the classroom.

The HP Digital Learning Suites includes Digital Sketch, a wireless stylus-based tablet that connects to the teacher’s host computer that allows the teacher to control the lesson while roaming around the classroom. It is also integrated with HP Pocket Whiteboard that could convert almost any classroom surface into an interactive learning area. In addition to its package it also contains HP Classroom Manager Software that permits school officials (teacher or administrators) to assign students an activity at the same time letting the learners improve variety of skills like collaboration and getting data that can improve instruction.

Aside from that these interactive tools also comprises HP Presentation Station 1000 that allows the teacher to move anywhere in the classroom because it unlock the teacher from a permanent place by setting all the tools within easy reach and HP 20-Notebook Charging Cart and 20- and 30-Notebook Managed Charging Carts that allows easy charging and management of notebooks in the cart regardless of its brand. The HP Digital Learning Suites will be out by next month and HP will showcase it more on February 7-11 at the Texas Computer Education Association in Austin, Texas.

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