Quick Fix to Locate Noisy Google Chrome Tabs

Last year  a Google Chrome update was released where you can easily pinpoint which particular tab is playing a sound either from a video streaming or music streaming website using a “Play” indicator on the tab.


That was really a brilliant idea and even myself I find it difficult to search for that annoying tab way back then, as I tend to opened 20-30 tabs in a single instance of Google Chrome because of my profession and from that 30 tabs I can’t avoid opening a website that has an audio/video widgets, as majority of audio streaming widgets are set to auto-play, meaning even though you won’t click the play button it will start immediately after it buffered, there are times that if no music player widgets are available, there are videos like latest news update, podcast, and similar video streaming.

During that time, a mute feature for that particular Chrome tab is not available and I need to manually check every tab and scroll from top to bottom to find that annoying sounds and guess what I need to burn several minutes just to stop that sound from playing. Now that’s not a problem anymore as Google solved it already for us by showing the playing icon on each tab and now with the recent update Chrome announced. Now for every tab, you just need to right click to it and a mute option will appear.


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