Hamilton “Time Player” Flat Watch

Hamilton, one of the world’s most popular brands when it comes to classy watches unveiled it latest technology known as Hamilton “Time Player” flat watches which displays four (4) different time zones and doubles as a pseudo-puzzle. The design of the latest Hamilton Time player is said to be flat because it was inspired by the fact that man used to believe that the earth was flat that’s why they made it a flat watch. You can compare the said flat watch to a sliding puzzle game because it replaces each puzzle and jumble everything. It can also allow you to display the time of three cities the Dubai, Tokyo and New York.

To set the 4 miniature watches you will simply move the central square and you can now make your own adjustments with the use of the one of the 4 crowns located on the top and bottom of the case. This watch is not yet available in the market but it is expected to be out this June 2010 and it costs $2, 700.

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