Halo Back: Smart Screen Protector Adds Back Button to iPhone


For first time users of iPhone and iPad, I’m very sure that they will ask why it doesn’t have back button soft key like Android device. Well, I‘m also an Android user for several years before I’ve tried these Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad and this question also came into my mind back then.

Well if you are not comfortable and you are still looking for ways how you can give your device a back button similar to android device then you might want to check this ‘SMART’ protector for your iPhone called Halo Back.

The creator of Halo Back smart screen protector added a circuit layer to the screen protector so when the user touches the back button located at the bottom left of their screen, a signal will be triggered leading the current to the back button of the app to help activate it.

The Halo Back is made from a high-grade tempered glass that features nano layer to prevent finger prints and scratches from everyday use.

To find more information about Halo Back, head on through the link below



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