Gresso Grand Monaco Mobile Phone


Gresso, the Russian manufacturer of Luxury mobile phones, has announced its latest device, known as the Gresso Grand Monaco. The company was inspired in an F1 racing and they tried to create a device in which they can apply the architecture of a racing car, and the result was a concise device with an elegant design and superb features. The Gresso Grand Monaco phones are made from materials borrowed from the world of racing: “titanium superalloy”, high-tech ceramic and carbon. The case is  covered with several layers of high-tech ceramic in 750C degrees temperature. This coating prevents tarnishing and won’t loose its color. Other materials include steel and hand-polished 42 K sapphire crystal. The phone also boasts flat keypads and supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity,  a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, e-mail and an outstanding menu design.

The keyboard plate under vacuum is covered with ultra strong titanium Black PVD, which makes the surface mirror-like black and scratch proof. Laser cut figures and letters. The navigation keys are made of surgical steel with the application of ultra-precision turning technology that ensures the super excellent precision and impecable shape of each detail, and Magnetic Smart Lock for battery cover fastening.The Gresso Grand Monaco is available in two vibrant colors a Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon and Black Ceramic Black Carbon which cost you $2,100 each. You can purchase this luxurious handset via Gresso’s official website.

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