Grace Digital Primo Wi-Fi Media Streamer


San Diego-based Grace Digital has announced its newest wireless media streamer, the Primo Wi-Fi Media Streamer. The Primo sports a 3.5 inch TFT display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, stereo headset jack, AC power jack, RCA line out, USB port to allow other audio to be played through USB storage on the device. The Primo had also moonlights as an alarm clock, offering up to five individual alarms which can be set to music or a regular buzzer on a daily, weekly, weekend, weekday, or single alarm schedule.

The Grace Digital Primo connects via 802.11n wireless connectivity and features onboard controls. There is also a remote app for iOS and Android for wireless control of the device. Users can also play custom Pandora playlists, or connect to other music services such as SiriusXM, Live365 and Rhapsody. The Grace Digital Primo Wi-Fi Media Streamer is now available to purchase for $150.

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