Go Green with Moxia USBCELL AA Batteries

We can’t deny the fact that batteries are very important to us, because most of the handheld gadgets today are powered by batteries whether it is rechargeable or uses disposable ones still the point is they need batteries to operate. If you are into green movement, then purchasing a pair of Moxia’s USBCELL AA Batteries can help with the environment.

When the caps are closed, these NiMH rechargeable batteries act like a standard AA’s out there which will fit into all your every day uses, providing power for both high-drain (digital cameras) and low-drain (wireless mice, game controllers) devices. Good thing about this stuff – you don’t need to buy separate charger, it can be easily charge by flipping the cap open and plugging it on a USB port, cool isn’t?

Keeping track of how long they need to charge is actually pretty simple. There is a ring around the USB plug that lights up to tell you what’s going on. If it’s solid, then it’s still working on the initial 90% charge. If the light is pulsing, then it is trickle-charging the last 10%. If there is no light, then it has a full charge.

Buy the Moxia USBCELL AA Rechargable Battery – 2 Cell Pack for only $17.28

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