Gigabyte EX58-UD3R X58 Motherboard


The Gigabyte EX58-UD3R motherboard is the latest X58 Series motherboards of GIGABYTE, designed to support the fastest processors in the world, the new Core i7 processors. Equipped with several new features including the new QPI interface, 3 channel DDR3 support, CrossFireX supported, Ultra Durable 3 (Classic) technology and the industries most extensive range of overclocking features, the EX58-UD3R is bringing excitement back into the high performance motherboard industry.

The UD3R is aimed toward the entry level of the market and despite costing a pint of lager over £150, the UD3R is certainly one of the cheapest X58 motherboards out there today. As with the UD4P, the UD3R is a stripped down version of the flagship motherboards, each having less features as we slip down the scale. That isn’t to say the UD3R isn’t a capable motherboard, far from it. Being Crossfire compatible as well as having RAID capabilities, 8 SATA ports, twin 16x PCIe 2.0 slots, 8 USB ports (expandable to twelve), things are not quite as clear cut as you may think. Budget board maybe but it’s certainly not lacking in features. The EX58-UD3R features Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, which is able to power down idle processor cores and dynamically reroute the power to the active cores for significant performance boosts, and at the same time, maintain greater energy efficiency.

With support for ATI CrossFireX, GIGABYTE pushes the envelope once again by delivering highly optimized performance and flexibility demanded by power users and extreme gaming enthusiasts. Designed to provide unmatched multi-GPU support with dual PCI Express connectivity, the GA-EX58-UD3R allows users to take advantage of the ultra smooth 3D rendering, blazing-fast frame rates and enhanced visual quality possible with a dual graphics card solution.

– 2 oz PCB design with copper cooled quality for lower working temperature
– Supports the newest Intel® Core? i7 processors in socket LGA1366 with QPI 6.4 GT/s
– Revolution energy saving design with DES Advanced featuring hardware based Dynamic 4-Gear switching
– Supports 3 channel DDR3 2000+ memory
– 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphics interface plus PCI-E x4 with ATI CrossFireX support for ultimate graphics performance
– Unique hardware control IC to provide more precision voltage control
– 100% 50,000 hour lifespan Japanese solid capacitors design
– Patented DualBIOS with dual hardware BIOS protection
– Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet connection
– Home theater quality 8-channel High Definition Audio

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