Gadget: Sony Walkman W-NWD-W202


Sony has announced a new techie gadget that will surely hit the market this coming June. Sony Walkman W-NWD-W202, a product which is known for its great sound quality, when any one talks about digital sound the first name comes in my mind is Sony. The company newly launched product was like a Mp3 gadgets that play music. But the good thing with this gadget is that it is just like a normal earphone with an inbuilt music player. Sounds cool, isn’t?

Sony’s new Walkman series of Walkman W -NWD-W202 is an integrated audio player with ear-canal phones with a flexible neck band. Sony Wearable Walkman NWD-W202 with display comes with a new¬†search function Zappin. The Walkman has a capacity of 2GB memory that can play ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC / Linear PCM (WAV) files. The player is best suitable for joggers though care must be taken as it is not waterproof.

Available in four colors- black / white / pink / lime green, the Sony Wearable Walkman- NWD-W202 weighs 35g. Charging is via USB and takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. You can play MP3/128kbps continuously for 12 hours. The player will be available in Japan from mid June.

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