Gadget: NVIDIA 3D Vision Technology


NVIDIA Corporation, one of the world’s best leading graphics card manufacturers has announced NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ for GeForce®, the world’s first high-definition 3D stereo solution for the techie people out there.

This gadget was design especially for gamers for better 3D stereo gaming and also for home entertainment PCs, 3D Vision is a combination of high-tech wireless glasses, a high-power IR emitter and advanced software that automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D experiences. Designed to work with the new pure Samsung® and ViewSonic® 120 Hz LCD monitors, Mitsubishi® DLP® HDTVs, and the DepthQ HD 3D Projector by Lightspeed Design, Inc, 3D Vision unlocks crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D stereo imagery perfect for driving new experiences in 3D gaming, 3D movies, and 3D photography.

“Along with gaming innovations in Microsoft Windows and DirectX, NVIDIA 3D Vision proves there’s never been a better time to be a PC gamer,” said Corey Rosemond, group marketing manager, Windows Gaming. “By including support for previously released and upcoming Games for Windows and Games for Windows — LIVE titles, PC gamers can expect a new level of immersion in full stereoscopic 3D, and enjoy broad support for the hottest games.”

NVIDIA 3D Vision Technology Key Highlights:

  • High-Tech, Wireless Active Shutter Glasses
  • USB-based, High Power IR Emitter
  • Maximum Display Flexibility
  • Out of the Box Game Compatibility
  • Extended Usability On a Single Charge
  • Support for 3D Stereo Photography and Movies

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