Gadget: 3-in-1 Mouse Pad


I know that all-in-one gadgets is one of the most in demand products for the techies and geekies, because persons nowadays are looking for the capacity of the gadget to do work gadget, but we also know that there’s no product which is really all-in-one. So in short there are gadgets that works as 3-in-1. Example of this 3-in-1 latest technology is a 3-In-1 Mouse pad. This very affordable techie device consists of a mouse pad, a numeric keypad and 3 USB hubs and it measures 352 x 210 x 28mm. As you can see the numpad is near the mouse for faster calculating when you need to compute and a 3 usb ports beneath so if you want to plug your USB to save your data, you can plug it easily. This 3-In-1 Mouse Pad cost¬† for just $29.

Product Specifications:

  • USB 2.0
  • Bulit-in 3 ports hub
  • 17 keys numeric pad
  • Useful and convenient for digit input and calculation
  • Hard mouse pad with fine finishing
  • Size: 325*210*28mm
  • Weight: 485g
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