Fujitsu’s Liquid Cooling Technology for Smartphone


Fujitsu has just announced its latest technology for smartphones in the form of a Liquid Cooling. Most smartphones nowadays especially those quad-core powered smartphones easily gets hot based from my personal experience. Smartphones normally do get hot while charging, while playing games, while having a call and by just simply using it.

If you want your smartphone to lasts a few more years, then I guess this liquid cooling thing might be the solution. Of course when your device always gets hot, there could be a part of integral part of it that can be damage resulting to a dead unit or anything else that will affect your smartphone’s performance.

For those of you who might ask how this liquid cooling technology works. Well according to the folks at Fujitsu, “A working fluid is encapsulated inside this closed loop as a coolant. The heat from the heat source evaporates the coolant, and the energy that goes into evaporating the coolant is taken away from the heat source, lowering its temperature. It is based off of the same principle used when sprinkling water on pavement to reduce heat.”

Personally I really like the idea on how Fujitsu’s liquid cooling technology will be able to handle overheating issues on our smartphones. The only thing that I’m concern is about its installation, cost, and warranty.

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