Fossil Q Smarwatch with Fitness Tracking Features

Fossil Q smartwatch

Fossil is a well-known fashion brand and recently they have announced their partnership with Intel and Google to create their own smartwatch. Today, Fossil has unveiled some of the details regarding on their upcoming wearable device which is said to be available in two different styles one for men and one for women, dubbed as the Fossil Q.

I’ve also found out that aside from the basic smartwatch function that is to display notifications coming from your paired device to the smartwatch’s face. There will be fitness tracking capabilities such as counting the number of steps, calories burnt, and other related tracking.

In terms of technical details, the Fossil Q will be featuring Intel processor with an elegant round watch face and it is said to release a Fossil Q’s companion app for each devices, one app for android devices, another for apple devices, and a dedicated app for Microsoft’s windows phones.

In my opinion, this a smart move for fashion-brands similar to Tag Heuer, and Swatch for them to compete with the growing demand of smartwatches in the market. As we all know that tech giants such as Apple and Samsung who competes for having the best smarwatch, the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2.

Sad to say, I didn’t find any information regarding the Fossil Q pricing and release date, but one thing is for sure – it will be released soon and will be available in different watch and strap colors that will suits your personality.
You can also check the official details on their page using this link.

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