Flitchio: World’s First Smartphone Case with Built-in Game Controller

If you are looking for a unique case for your smartphone, then you might want to check this newest smartphone case with built-in game controller, dubbed as Flitchio.

Flitchio is a black colored smartphone case that double as a game controller, although its game directional pads are located at the back so I think you need a couple of days before you get used to it. The good part is you can also use these buttons for selfie shots, control you media files such as video and mp3 files, use for unlocking your device instead of swiping, browse and zoom at your browser and the best part is you can use this to feature to control a drone, if you have one.

This startup project was recently opened via Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to jump from concept to mass production which will run until July 17.


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