Flappy Birds Family, Exclusive Game for Amazon Fire TV

Flappy Bird became one of the most addictive mobile game when it was introduced by its creator Dong Nguyen. I’ve also enjoyed playing Flappy Bird before and even though it looks very easy, when you get your hands with this game you can see how really hard it is as you need lots of patience, determination and concentration to beat your record every rounds. Sad to say after a few months of its popularity he (Dong Nguyen) have to take it down on Google playstore and Apple store because of some personal reasons but he made a promise that he will return this addictive mobile game and he really made good on that promise. Flappy Bird is back and it’s called as Flappy Bird Family which is an upgrade version of the game.


Flappy Bird Family is already available in the Amazon appstore for FREE and can be played multiplayer using your Amazon Fire TV. Yes! Multiplayer, sounds cool right? Now you don’t need to compare your top score every now and then as every player can see your score making the game fun for the whole family. The game was released under his .Gears studio, though there are no specific details if it will be release for Android and iOS.

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