Facebook Lite For Android: Now Available for Download in Philippines and India


Facebook has announced earlier this month that they will release a lite version of their popular social media application for Android devices, dubbed as the Facebook Lite. Today, the said application was already live and ready to be downloaded by the users who experience problems such as low memory on their primary storage as we all know Facebook will be installed in the phone memory by default unless you are techie or savvy enough to find and use applications that can move files from phone memory to external.

Other common issues  for the original Facebook app for android is compatibility problem for previous versions of Android, or those smartphones that considered to be low-end where in the user can experience lag on their device once the app is running. The new Facebook lite app is also designed for users who are using slow and unstable internet connections.

Facebook Lite is again live in India and here in the Philippines. It has a file size less than 1MB around 435kb which is enough for the core Facebook features such as News Feed, push notifications, status updates, photos, FB ads, without video playback support. and it can be downloaded straight through Google Play store for free.

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