Extend iPhone 6/Galaxy S6 Battery Life using Nikola Labs’ Case


Majority of mobile users problem are the increased draining speed of battery and lack of external memory for Apple devices. Here’s a great way to conserve to battery juice, add extra memory and back-up your iPhone media files using iXpand

Nikola Labs, an Ohio-based startup has launched its unique smartphone case that has the ability to conserve battery life by recycling wasted radio waves coming out from your smartphone.

According to the company, “By recycling the wasted RF energy given off by your phone — our case significantly extends your phone’s battery life between charges. Giving you what’s most important: time.”

By using this latest technology, you can expect to see an extended 30% of battery life on your device. The company also promises that the use of this new technology will not affect or interrupt data transmissions, network coverage or call quality. At this moment the case is only compatible with Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

This case was introduced via Kickstarter campaign by Dr. Rob Lee to raise funds and jump into production.

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