Ergonomic Adjustable Cooling Pad: IDock C2 Series


Is your laptop always shutting down because of too much heat? then try this efficient cooling pad, the Idock C2 Cooling Pad. This cooling pad has an ergonomic design, and has 3 retractable fans that can be adjusted depending on your choice. Due to its adjustable fans this cooling pad is more efficient in cooling your laptop, thus your laptop can perform to its fullest. This cooling pad fan’s dimension is 70x70x15mm, an air flow of 30CFM±10%, a noise level of < 23DBA, uses 5V DC, and consumes less than 0.9W.  This cooling pad can support 12”-15.4” laptop sizes, and has an additional 4-ports USB 2.0 Hub that allows you to connect multiple USB devices. It is finished with a metal mesh material panel with an on/off switch. It costs 980 pesos.

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