ErgoDox EZ – Fully Customizable Two-Piece Design Mechanical Keyboard


ErgoDox EZ is one of the latest fully customizable mechanical keyboard ever announced and it’s currently raising funds to jump into production via Indiegogo.

The ErgoDox EZ keyboard is a two-piece open source mechanical keyboard design made from injection mold ABS plastic that comes with Cherry MX Brown key switches by default although users have the options to choose from different key switches depending on their needs with adding extra fees of course.

Zukerman explains a little more :

“Imagine an ergonomic keyboard that’s so great, people would be willing to buy it in bits and pieces and solder it on their own. A mechanical keyboard, fully customizable to your needs. Such a keyboard exists: the ErgoDox. But why should it be so hard to get?

Those were our thoughts as we drooled over the ErgoDox only a few months ago. Right now, you can only get this keyboard as a kit which you must solder together on your own, and these kits are available only once in a while. We’re geeks, but we’re not really into soldering tiny components at home.

We looked around and realized we’re not alone. The ErgoDox is a proven design. People want this keyboard — and for good reason — but not everyone wants to spend hours, days, even months putting it together. We decided to do something about it.”

Expected release date for this mechanical keyboard once funded is on December 2015 and it will come with a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can head directly to its crowdfunding page to check the prices as the ErgoDox EZ will be sold in different packages and customization options.

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