Easy-Doks CR34 6 Multi Gang Smart Charger Docking Station

Easy-Doks, maker of the innovative line of smart chargers, has recently announced its latest addition the Easy-Doks CR34. This USB multi-charging docking station lets you charge up to 6 devices simultaneously while elegantly displaying your gadgets.  The Easy-Doks CR34 charges all phones (including iPhones, Androids & Blackberrys), tablets (iPads, Galaxys, etc.), MP3 players (iPods, etc.), headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more at the same time.

Easy-Doks CR34 uses SCD (Smart Current Detection) Technology to charge each device individually, adjusting the flow to ensure proper charging to each device to avoid harmful over-charging , which reduces battery longevity. The CR34 also features a “Tidy-Cable” organizer to keep cables neat and an FM stereo alarm clock radio with remote for waking up with your favorite music or FM radio, and with the 3.5mm AUX input jack, you can play music from any audio device. In addition to alarm clock with snooze function and a FM radio, there’s also a LED night light. Easy-Doks also allows you to display and play one device on the speaker system while charging the devices at the same time. The 6-port Easy-Doks CR34 smart multi-charger is currently priced at $99.99.

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