Duracell’s Charging Ring Adds Wireless Charging Technology to Your Device


Wireless charging is one of the latest technologies available nowadays and you can see emerging devices that supports this technology such as Samsung upcoming smartphones and wearable gadgets that are both expected to be released this year.

Now the good news is there is a company called Duracell who has just announced a wireless charging ring that can be attach to any device adding wireless charging support to it, sounds cool right?

According to Duracell, this device can be used with older or low-budget phones as long as there is a port (microUSB and lightning connector) where you can plug it into. Duracell already tried this on their Powermat case that adds wireless charging features but this is a new device, a microUSB dongle that has inductive charging coil hidden inside with a combo charging mat where your phone will sit.

Duracell Wireless Charging Ring is currently being sold for $53.98 and it will come with a micro USB and Lightning connector option to support iOS and Android devices.

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