Dragon War Phantom ELE-G4 Gaming Mouse Review

Dragon War Phantom Ele-G4 Gaming Mouse
Actual photo of my Dragon War Phantom ELE-G4 Gaming Mouse

Dragon War Phantom ELE-G4

I was looking for an orange/black theme USB gaming mouse a few days ago when I saw this Dragon War Phantom ELE-G4 gaming mouse via OLX Philippines. My first impression to this mouse is that – it looks really awesome because its design is somehow similar to the popular gaming mouse called R.A.T by Mad Catz, but to tell you honestly they are different in many ways, such as quality, specs, and features. But anyway, for an affordable gaming mouse, the Phantom ELE-G4 mouse is a good choice and worth it with its price. You can also check my latest blog post about Dragonwar gaming mouse series, where you can find all the Dragon War mouse released on the market.

What to Expect with Dragon War’s Phantom ELE-G4

The Dragon War G4 phantom professional gaming mouse features an ergonomic design with an adjustable 800/1600/3200/5600 DPI on the fly and has 10 programmable buttons. This gaming mouse has also parts that can be move/adjust depending on your hand size or grip style using a small hex tool included on the package.

Another cool feature of this mouse is its cool lighting effects where the dragon war logo at the center can be customized according to your preference such as a steady light mode or breathing style. For this specific model ELE-G4 Dragon war phantom, user can choose from red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, violet.

I was quite disappointed as I’m expecting that it has option for an orange color but when you select the orange on the control panel of the mouse it displays yellow instead. I’ve checked the other model which is the ELE-G9 and it has this orange color for its dragon logo when selected on the control panel. I hope they can update the driver/software for this model as I really want to have that orange LED color while I’m using it.

In addition, The Dragon War Phantom ELE-G4 USB laser mouse also sports a Gold-plated USB Connector for a Reliable Transmission Integrity Mouser Cable Length 1.8 meters and comes with a spare foots for the mouse as well as stickers, manual and its software CD to control the LED light on the dragon logo, add macros and other sensitivity options. It seems, you can download the Dragon War Phantom CD driver on their website.

You can check the detailed specifications of this gaming mouse on Dragonwar’s website by clicking on the link below. http://www.dragonwar.jp/product-detail.php?id=17

Check out the ELE-G4 Gaming Mouse in Action

Sorry guys, I wasn’t able to record a video of the ELE-G4 on action. I’ve just attached the Youtube Video of the Phantom ELE-G4 that I’ve watched before I’ve finally decided to buy the actual gaming mouse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUiXg-6ibGg

Where to Buy Phantom ELE-G4 Dragon War Gaming Mouse?

I’ve bought this gaming mouse in Datablitz with a price tag of 1795php with 1 week store warranty. I can say for its specs, looks and performance I think every peso I have spent on this mouse is really worth it. DataBlitz is also selling other Dragon War gaming peripherals such as gaming mouse mat that comes in different sizes, Dragon War gaming headsets and keyboards as well. So far, I’ve been using this gaming mouse for 8 months now and it still working perfectly.

Phantom ELE-G4 Dragon War Mouse Philippines Price – 1,750 pesos

Other Dragon War Products Available Online

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