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Dragon War Gaming Mouse Series

If you are searching for a budget-friendly gaming mouse for your desktop or laptop computer, then you might want to shop around locally or online for these gaming mouse series from Dragon War JP. I’m sure most of you are aware how expensive a premium gaming mice, specially the R.A.T Madcatz, Razer, Cooler Master, Steel Series, just to mention a few which costs several hundreds of bucks each.

The Dragonwar mouse that I will feature here are already released in the market, and if you live in the Philippines, you can buy one of these via DataBlitz gadget store nationwide. For international readers, you might want to check out the amazon links below.

Dragon War ELE-G4.1 Phantom Laser


This ergonomically design gaming mice is the older brother of the ELE-G4 and it features a 9500 DPI precision laser engine with 4 DPI configurations from 1000 to 9500. It also comes with a LED light indicator to tell what DPI you are currently using. In addition there is also an Easy Aim Button, Lighting Effects, and a durable 2 meters braided cable with Gold-plated USB connector for reliable transmission of data. You can also check my personal review of Dragon War ELE-G4 that I’ve used before.

Dragon War ELE-G9 THOR


This gaming mouse features a blue-sensor with ergonomically design body. It has also 7 programmable buttons that can be configured and save on its 512K memory. In terms of DPI, the ELE-G9 Dragonwar mouse sports 800, 1600, 2400, 3200 DPI. Similar with other Dragon War gaming peripherals, it has also lighting effects, Gold plated USB connector, braided 1.8 meters cable and a mouse mat included in the package.

Dragon War ELE-G10 ARES


dragon-war-ele-g10-ares-gaming-mouseThis special 6-button gaming mouse by Dragon War features blue sensor with revolutional 3200 DPI settings. It is currently available in 2 colors, black and white with extra features such as Dragon mode bungee, 8 programmable keys, led lighting effects. Lastly, it also comes with a Gold plated USB connector, braided cable and ergonomic design.

Dragon War ELE-G11 EMERA


This newest gaming mouse by the company comes with different colors such as Blue, Dark Red, and Red. It also feature a 3200 DPI, Gold-plated USB connector, braided fiber cable, and 6 control buttons.

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