DOTA 2 Players Decreased by 16% after Reborn Update


According to the latest gaming news, DOTA 2 active players have decreased by 16% after their major update called DOTA 2: Reborn last month. A friend of mine also told me that he stopped playing DOTA 2 after the said patch mainly because of the size of updates which is too large and he definitely need a fast internet connection for him to complete the said update. Well maybe, that’s just one of the reasons as I’ve also read online there are players that state the gameplay, is somehow difficult to interact with compared to the previous version, and some players found a lot of bugs. Honestly, I’ve also quit playing DOTA 2 that’s why I can’t give you my personal opinion, but the last time I played this game, I really enjoyed the gameplay and visual effects.

Valve’s DOTA 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle game based from Blizzard Warcraft 3 and expansion Frozen throne, which is also a popular LAN game worldwide.

This game is a strategic game, and best played together with your buddies as it is really an exciting game where you can prove your gaming skills, from tactics, combos, hand speed, and decision making. I’ve played DOTA for more than 5 years with friends and for me it is a game where the smart ones or wise gamers only excel on this kind of game because strategy and decision making is really crucial and one mistake can turn the table.


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