Digital Treasures Power Bank w/ Built-in Cables


Nowadays, a Power bank comes really in handy to charge our handheld gadgets and devices when we need it the most. There are different kinds of power banks available in the market and what I’ve noticed is that its cables are too many and you need to carry these cables that are used to connect to the device you wish to charge. For me it’s not really a big deal, but if you are the type of person that you want to have everything organize then you might want to get this Digital Treasures Power Bank 3600mAh.

This power bank is very unique because the unit itself has built in cables so you won’t need to search for the cables inside your bag to find the necessary cable that you need.  It has three output options for charging a variety of devices i.e., MicroUSB, 30-pin and 8-pin Apple connectors attached to the unit. Simply open the front cover of the case to expose the included connectors. When you’re done using the Power Bank, just close the lid and you can easily store it in your wallet or bag because of its minimalist design. LED lights indicate how much power is left in the 3600mAh Digital Treasure Power Bank. The 3600mAh Power Bank is available for US$49.95 at

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