Cougar 700M eSports Gaming Mouse Announced


Cougar has just unveiled its latest gaming mouse in the form of Cougar 700M eSports. This new mouse by the company looks really bad-ass, featuring an 8200 DPI laser sensor and powered by a 32-bit ARM processor offering up to 1000 Hz polling rates, 1ms response rate, and up to four DPI levels with 8 programmable buttons.

I’m a fan of Cougar computer peripherals and I personally owned two of their under rated products, the Cougar Challenger Orange Gaming case and Cougar CMX 700 V2 power supply that is being criticized by many self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, saying it is a complete trash and can’t stand out from its competition. Well guys, I’m one of the few who believes on their product and I can attest that their products are not good for 1 week used only.

Right now I’m planning to buy their gaming keyboard and mouse as I really love their main color theme which is black and orange, which is a perfect match with my gaming rig. That’s all for now Cougar fans, don’t easily believe on hear says or forums that talks about shit with this company as I’m a living proof that their products are good and really bad-ass looking. Haters gonna hate.

As this point of writing, this Gaming mouse from Cougar price and release date is not yet announced, but I will update this post once information is revealed. The Cougar 700M eSports mouse will also be available in white version.

Cougar-700M-eSports-gaming-whiteIf you are still searching for an alternative video gaming mouse which is economical yet attractive, then you may wish to take a look at my individual evaluation of the Dragon War Phantom Ele-G4 gaming mouse and let me understand your ideas about this cool video gaming mouse.

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