Corsair Hydro Series H100 Liquid Cooling


For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy on my job that’s why I can’t update my blog regularly and during my free time I visit some hardware review sites to choose what computer parts I will buy to build my future Ultimate Gaming Desktop PC. At the moment, I’m planning to build a Core i7 gaming pc and try to find out what’s the best cooling system and being ended up with  Corsair H100 which I will surely buy next month together with other parts. I did found a lot of good reviews with this liquid cooling system. It is much more efficient in terms of cooling rather the previous H80 model. The Hydro series includes pre-assembled, closed-loop CPU water-cooling kits that are relatively inexpensive compared to full-fledged custom-made loops. The good thing with this cooling system is maintenance-free and very easy to install. The only cons with this is that you can only install it on system case with dual 120mm fan support on top, because that’s the place where you will install this system because its radiator is twice the size of the radiator of the H80.

The Hydro H100 uses a large 240×120 mm area radiator that can hold two 120 mm fans on either sides, but comes with two fans. It seems like H100 has the same exact block unit as the H80, with its control knob. Corsair is utilizing a new micro channel cold plate design with a split flow manifold. The new low profile pump is supplied with a push button control feature with white led light that offer three different performance according to your preference.

The Corsair Hydro Series H100 extreme performance liquid CPU cooler is designed to deliver cooling performance that meets even the needs of an extreme overclocker. The H100 also uses high quality Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) tubing which will ensure longevity thanks to reduced evaporation rates. The H100 supports AM2 and AM3 processors without a custom backplate installation. All Intel platforms are supported including LGA775, LGA 1155, LGA 1156 and LGA 1366 and even the upcoming LGA 2011 socket. The Hydro Series H100 is available already even in the Philippines with a price of 5500-6000 pesos (102.74 USD).

Techie Updates: I’ve just backread some of my previous tech articles and found this one which was written 3 years ago when I was trying to plan for my future rig.  That’s the reason why I update this post, to share you my finished product after reading a lot of techie articles, watching reviews and demos in Youtube, NCIX tech tips as one of my favorites. Meet my personal gaming PC, workstation, RIG whatever you call it “Project Kurama“.  It has a black and orange theme and choosing every parts is accordingly to my plan except for the liquid cooler that I’ve installed which is a Corsair H100i, the younger brother of H100. Aside from that you can also notice the Avexir Core Series with orange leds, XFX 7970 Double Dissipation with a touch of red orange aluminum shroud and my precious Gigabyte Z77x-Up7 which is a limited edition board released here in the Philippines.

There are several closed loop liquid cooling available now in Philippines like the newer version for Corsair the H110, H105, H90, H75. For our next Rig battle event, I’m planning to replace my Corsair H100i with a full custom loop in which video card is also included on the water loop for maximum cooling potential of each parts.

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