Corsair H100i Market Price in Philippines

Corsair H100i is the successor of the H100 liquid cooling kit and it was available  in the Philippines if I was not mistaken 1-2 years ago and back then it was priced around 5,999Php but now you can buy this All-in-One liquid cooling kit for about 4500-5000php for brand new.

I’m pretty sure you can still buy brand new units for this model because its not yet EOL or obsolete, but there are already newer versions of these liquid coolers, much improved cooling performance and newer design like for instance the Hydro series H110, H110i GT, H105, H95.

If this is your first time to build a gaming rig and you want to go to the water cooling route for cooling your processor then this kit is one of the best available here in our country. It’s very easy to install, pretty straight forward and you don’t need to worry for possible leaks as these units are tested by Corsair before releasing them to the market.

I myself have tried this H100i series for a long period of time for my gaming rig and I can say its performance is far beyond the stock cooler for both AMD and Intel processors. I’ve also tried modifying it by changing its tube for a transparent one and used an aftermarket coolant from Mayhems to be specific aurora mayhem orange to match with the color theme of my rig.

Corsair H100i Liquid Cooling Modified - Transparent tubes with Mayhem Aurora Orange
Corsair H100i Liquid Cooling Modified – Transparent tubes with Mayhem Aurora Orange

The Corsair H100i when purchased comes with the Pump itself with huge copper for maximum cooling performance and a large and long tube so that you can install it the way you want it. It also comes with a 240mm radiator with dual SP high performance 120mm fans for more static pressure at it is use to push the heat from the radiator. I’ve also tried installing 2 more SP 120mm fans for a push and pull config for more powerful heat dissipation from the radiator.

It also comes with complete mounting bracket for AMD and Intel and a USB cable connected to the pump going to one of your USB port in your motherboard. By installing the corsair link, a software for most corsair products allows user customization for example here in this liquid cooling kit you can change the LED backlit color of the pump itself for any color you desire.

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