Corsair Flash Voyager GO USB 3.0 Flash Drives


Corsair has unveiled its latest USB flash drive called Flash Voyager Go USB 3.0. It will be available in 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB capacities, and they will be compatible with your PC and OTG-compatible Android device, thanks to the Micro-USB connector. The Flash Voyager GO’s Micro-USB connector would make it a snap to transfer videos, music, and photos from and between OTG-compatible Android devices with a transfer speeds up to 135 MB/s. These USB 3.0 devices will be accompanied by a durable keychain and two caps, with one black and the other yellow in color. As for the price, the Flash Voyager GO will costs $19.99 (16GB), $29.99 (32GB) and $49.99 (64GB), respectively.

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