Cool-er eBook Reader with Mp3 Player


Have you ever seen a gadget that looks like an Ipod, on the same time function as an eBook reader? If you haven’t seen one yet, then here’s what I’m saying, the Cool-er eBook Reader. This latest gadget is an Ipod-eBook Reading device, where you can view your favorite eBook files, the best solution for a paperless, hustle free, and space saving reading activity.  On the same time you can also listen to your favorite music while reading your favorite stories, tutorials, recipes, etc., because this awesome gadget can play mp3 files stored on its memory.

Cool-er eBook Reader almost support any type of format including PDFs and Jpegs. You can save those files on a SD card, which is expandable up to 1GB memory. You can store 500-800 novels depending on the length of the eBook. It also have features like free from glare 6” LCD display meaning you can always do your reading anywhere because it will not be affected by direct sunlight and a unique scroll wheel menu selector for scrolling pages up and down easily. You can buy this gadget now for a great price of £199.95, which is available in different colors.

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