Chinavasion bluetooth portable Touch Screen GPS Navigator

GPS is considered as one of the most important discovery in the field of technology, why? GPS or Global Positioning System helps you determine your precise destination or position on the earth, for example you’re going to a place where in you’re not very much aware, you can use GPS to determine your exact location and have an idea what are the cities near your area, etc. A really nice tool to have when traveling. But Those are the features of GPS before and in additional GPS before is not easy to operate there are mobile devices that supports GPS but only few could access this technology, but now GPS comes with an innovative approach.

Here comes Chinavasion 5” GPS navigator, a GPS  device with Bluetooth enabled feature that can easily access GPS anytime, anywhere. Hassle free and very easy to use. This GPS navigator is portable, you can bring this device wherever you are. You can pair your phone with the navigator via Bluetooth and make or receive calls while in GPS mode.

The navigator includes a 3.5 mm jack plug-in, USB connection, AV IN, and SD card slot located on the side of the unit. There’s a built-in MIC located at the front of the GPS navigator for effective sound clarity.

The amazing touchscreen technology lets you select the desired location you want, then you can navigate the area and with this touchsreen capabilities, viewing the area is much easier and you can travel with ease not worrying where you are.

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