Sony’s Pet Gadget Enables Cat to Send Tweets

Sony was really busy creating new stuffs that will make things more innovative, like for this latest technology they’ve just invented with the help of University of Tokyo, a simple gadget for our beloved cats that is placed around their neck, and then sends information to your computer and updates twitter to let everyone know what your cat is doing. Before buying this pet twitter gadget make sure you create your cat a twitter account first.

The gadget works when the collar detects a motion like what the cat is doing it will then attempt to send a tweet via Bluetooth connectivity together with the data analyzed. Sony’s CSL detailed that currently the prototype collar can send one of eleven pre-set phrases, however the plan is to add more detailed informative tweets over time. An example tweet it can possibly post is “This tastes good” like when your cat is eating. All of the included technology has been carefully selected, ensuring that the size and weight will not cause any discomfort to the bearing cat.

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