CarVi Adds Driving Safety to the Next Level


Last year I’ve featured one of best automotive technology called Navdy, a HUD display that can be placed on your car dashboard which displays data such as GPS directions, Phone calls and etc. Today I’m going to feature another automotive technology which is recently announced, dubbed as Carvi.

Carvi is a personal driving assistant that adds driving safety to the next level through the help of virtual driving experts called Carvi Team. This latest technology analyzes and improves your driving skills using a companion app for your smartphone and a camera. It can also monitor your current position on the lane and will guide you for a safer turn to avoid front-end collisions or accidents.

In addition, the Carvi can also warn you if you are getting too closer to the car in front of you. Imagine if this kind of technology is installed in majority of the cars running in the road for sure there will be a huge decrease in deaths cause by car accidents.

The CarVi project is still a concept and has reached almost half of its $100,000 Indiegogo crowd funding goal to make the jump from concept to production. If everything goes according to the plan, the company will start shipping Carvi by August 2015.

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