Buffalo’s Latest Gadget: PF-50WG Digital Photo Frame


Tired of using the old frames in your house? Do you want something new? Did you ask yourself if it’s possible to have digital frames? Well you should be thanking Buffalo for that. Thanks to the latest technology, because companies like Buffalo has designed an 8-inch digital picture frame with Wi-Fi support and Microsoft Live FrameIt. The digital frame is compatible with JPEG, BMP, MP3, AAC, Mpeg and 3GPP file formats. Other features include a 85MB of internal memory and a memory card reader.

Buffalo is going to release in mid-May its new PF-50WG digital photo frame that is compitable with Microsoft’s Windows Live FrameIt service. With FrameIt service, the WiFi-enabled digiframe allows you to download pictures from your Windows Live account, RSS new feed as well as weather information from your Windows Live account.

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