Bracketron Road Boost XL Car Jump Starter and Mobile Charger


Bracketron is a well-known company for making universal mounts and mobile accessories. A few days ago, they’ve just announced their latest technology in the form of a car battery jump starter called Road Boost XL.

The Road Boost XL is not just an average jump starter; it can also be used as a smartphone charger, flashlight and SOS signaler. It is equipped with a 12,000 mAh battery with output voltage indicator for you to easily set the device’s output whether 12V for your car or 5V 2.1A for your mobile devices.

The Road Boost XL is very portable and comes with its own jumper cables. Adam Harmon, Marketing Manager at Bracketron, shared, “If your vehicle battery dies on the road you don’t have to wait for help anymore. You can immediately and easily take action with the Road Boost XL, jump start your car and be on your way in minutes.”

You can get one of these online now for only $130.

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