Bezalel Ark – Qi-Enabled Portable Wireless Charger


There are are lots of portable chargers that are now available in the market. Most of them are wired, some of them uses solar technology, some are powered by kinetic energy but this time I’ll be featuring a wireless portable charger called Bezalel Ark charger. This kickstarter project by Bezalel has already reached its funding meaning expect to see this cool gadget for sale soon enough.

BEZALEL ARK charger utilizes the Qi technology to transmit the much needed electricity to your mobile device’s battery and it is said that there is a wide range of smartphones compatible with it. Though there are some compatibility issues with the most popular devices such as iPhone and Samsung devices like for instance you’ll need to attach an inductive patch to Samsung smartphones battery in order to get them to work with this charger and for iPhone you’ll need to use a special case  before you can use t the ARK charger.

So what is the advantage of using ARK charger from other portable wireless chargers?  according to its creators, this charger is 20% faster than a normal wireless charger and 5% faster than a charging case. ARK comes with a 5200mAh Li-poly battery on board and can also hold up to three full charges, and in case you don’t have a device that supports wireless charging you can always recharge two devices simultaneously using the built-in USB ports. Another cool feature of the Bezalel Ark is the Smart-Charging feature – if you remove your phone from ARK,  it will detect that no device needs its power and automatically shut down itself in order to save power.

ARK is currently priced at $65 and is expected to ship sometime in March. As I’ve mentioned above there are two additional ARK kits available to solve compatiblity issues – the iPhone charging case and inductive patch for the battery of Samsung devices. These packages will cost you $79 and $73, respectively. If the company reaches its goal and starts mass production, ARK will be available in two colors – black and white.

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